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Staff Application Released

(We recommend reading through this post before filling out the application)

We are happy to announce that as of today, June 6th 2017, the staff application system is released and staff applications are now open! The @Founder's will be in charge of applications and recruitment.

If you consider applying please make sure to read the Official FAQ section below as it contains a lot of important information about the process and how to apply.

A few of you have been asking about becoming a staff member in #suggestions on our Discord:
Kano Misogi (Awoo~) wrote:Make me part of the staff :3 - 04/01/2017
Pokey the Bjarni wrote:when will you expect the application form to be sent out? - 05/28/2017

As such, we have now opened up a staff applications for those wanting to help out and get involved in the inner workings of The Night Net Project.


This FAQ replies to all frequently asked questions about the staff application system and how to join our staff team.
We will lock this thread as we believe all kinds of questions are covered here. For more information read below.

1. Where can I find my Discord User ID?
If you need help finding your Discord User ID, then please look HERE

2. What is a Staff member and what is their job?
Our staff members are the people who will interact with the community the most. They will reply to your questions, assist you with problems and simply guide you through the community! They also assist in handling certain reports and keeping the community a peaceful and happy place.
Our Staff have a [STAFF] tag on the Discord along with the moderator or administrator rank on our forums, so if you have any questions feel free to give them a poke!

3. Speaking of Moderators, what do they do and how can I get Mod?
Our Moderators moderate the community. They deal with reports, appeals or any kind of rule breakers or abuse.
To get Moderator you need to be a very good outstanding community member who has been a member for quite a while as it is proof that you have a connection to this community.
Our Moderators have the Moderator rank on our forums and Discord.

4. How to apply for Administrator?
We currently do not have any job openings for an Administrator position on our community as being a Moderator is a requirement needed to become an Administrator.

5. I would like to apply for a staff position, are there any requirements?
The answer is YES. To apply for the any staff position, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have access to Discord and a working microphone of acceptable quality
  • Not have received a punishment on the server/forum in the last 3 months
Unfortunately we do not make any exceptions, if you do not meet ALL of the requirements listed above you will be denied. If you want to know why we have these requirements, please read the requirement reasons section of this post.

6. How do I apply for a staff position?
You meet all requirements and decided you want to apply for the Guide position? Awesome!
To apply please fill out the application form found HERE.
Applications are only visible to the @Founder's.

7. I submitted my staff application, what happens now?
Simply said: Be patient and wait! Our @Founder's review all applications and you will get a reply from us, no matter whether your application gets accepted or denied. This takes some time of course, but don't worry, you won't be forgotten! Please do not message staff members asking about your application, spamming us with the demand to read your application may result in a permanent denial.

8. What should I do if I haven't received a reply?
Please allow us up to seven days after you posted your application to review it. If you haven't received a reply after seven days, please start a private conversation with either of the @Founder's on Discord.

9. I applied and got denied, what now?
You can only apply once a month, so if you got denied, you need to wait until next month before you can apply again. The reply we've sent you contains detailed feedback about why you got denied and what you can do to improve. If you have any further questions about your denial, you're of course always welcome to ask the @Founder's, who will try to answer your questions in the best way possible. Please take some time to read our feedback and take it to heart.
Also note that we cannot give you too much detailed information about how you could improve your application since we want to see who you are and how you present yourself and your skills, giving you too much information about how you could improve your application could result in an application that is too influenced by us rather than one that is reflecting and written by you.

10. What do the @Founder's expect from an application?
The @Founder's expect your application to give a comprehensive, full and honest impression of who you are. We expect you to highlight both your strengths and weaknesses. More often than not, we won't know anything about you which isn’t in your application, so try to make it easy for us to get an accurate image of your entire person from your application! Please be honest in your application, we don’t instantly deny anyone for things one might consider bad (e.g. previous bans/warnings), however, lying to us in your application will get you denied, possibly even permanently. Please try to write your application in a way which focuses on quality rather than trying to get lots of words.

11. Do I need a certain activity or stats to apply?
You are not required to have x friends or y hours of total time spent on the server if you want to apply. However, since the purpose of the staff is to interact with the community along with being able to give adequate responses to all questions a member might ask, we do ask applicants to have good knowledge of the server.
If we feel like you could benefit from more playtime to be prepared for the Guide role, we might deny your application for this reason.
You don’t need a certain amount of hours you could contribute every day, your real life always comes first. However, we do expect our staff members to be active on the community and to be up to date with all rules and news.

12. Will I still have time to play games, go to school and relax as a staff member?
Of course! We don’t want our staff team to constantly work as if they were robots. We expect your time-management skills to be good if you are a staff member. Finding a good balance between work and fun is possible and expected from our staff. This also includes balancing your time on Discord, the forum and doing your real-life work. In the end, we care about every single member and every single staff member, we want you to be a happy staff member, so don't feel like you need to work for the us 24/7. If there is something which might cause your usual activity on the community to decrease, feel free to ask a staff team leader's or the founder's whether that is acceptable in your situation if you are to be a staff member.

13. I keep getting denied for the same thing, what am I doing wrong?
If you keep getting denied, please take a closer look at the feedback given in your denial message. If there is something you do not understand in your feedback, feel free to contact either of the @Founder's.

14. Can I apply for a staff position although I've been punished on a community before?
Yes, as long as it was not in our server. Also as long as the last punishment you have received is older than three months and you can show and prove in your application that you have matured since your last punishment. We hold our staff to high standards, so we expect your behavior to be exemplary if you are to join our team.

15. Are there any legal laws that I must abide by as a staff member?
Yes, any illegal action taken in this community will be dealt with and handed over to legal authorities who will handle it from there on.
Additionally, you further agree that this position is subject to termination upon any suspicion of illegal activities.
Furthermore; the @Founder's may, without notice, terminate your position as a staff member regardless of whether or not you are found innocent or guilty of anything that violates the TNNP TOS, Discord TOS, or Laws in your region alongside international laws.

If you have any questions which are NOT answered in this guide, feel free to open a private conversation with the @Founder's.

Requirement Reasons

The following explains the major reasons behind our requirements

1. Age limit - 16 years
  • Stress and responsibility: On average, people will grow more resistant to stress and become more responsible as they mature. This does not say anything about individuals, but most people will be better prepared to do a stressful job, which being a staff member is at times, as they grow older.
  • Puberty: The start of puberty is - usually - around the 14th year of life at it's latest. Starting puberty is often accompanied with a significant change in behaviour. This is perfectly fine and natural, but we also need our staff members to have an overall consistent behaviour.
  • Need to filter applications: Every application takes a significant amount of time to review and answer. On average, younger people are less likely to write a passable application since everyone develops their intellectual abilities as they grow older. Note that this does not mean we think that someone being older means they are smarter than someone younger than them, but due to the nature of development, you are probably more intellectually developed right now than you were a few years ago. We can't possibly hope to review all applications if we drop this requirement and then we'd have to randomly pick applications to review. No one is helped by this, and it is likely that we will be missing some very good applications and staff members purely to chance, not to mention it would be unfair to simply ignore applications, even if it is due to time restraints.
2. Have access to Discord with a (good quality) microphone
The Discord server is an important way of communication for our staff team. Not only do meetings happen there, we also spend time together to talk to each other, play games, work, talk about concerns or ideas and get to know the other staff members better, make new friends and create trust and a family environment. It is important for us that our staff members interact with each other not only on a professional but also on a personal level to guarantee the best teamwork and an amazing level of quality staff for the network.

3. Not have received a punishment on any community for 3 months
We hold our staff to high standards, so we expect your behavior to be exemplary if you are to join our team. If you made a mistake in the past that led to a punishment on any community, it won't ruin your whole future, everyone can change, so of course you're still allowed to apply. However, we want to make sure the mentioned high standard we have for our staff team is maintained, that's why you need to prove that you have matured since your punishment and that you are able to follow the rules yourself. The best way of proving this is by behaving well for a long time and thus not receiving any punishment. Also tell us what happened back then and what you learned since in your application.

Additional notes
The last thing we want to say here is that we want you to be honest in your application. It's okay if you have received a punishment in the past, as long as you follow what we mentioned above. Please note that if we notice that you have lied in your application about anything you will be denied and possibly blacklisted from ever applying for our staff team again.
We also do not make any exceptions, we have to keep everything fair. If we were to accept one person who doesn't meet all of the requirements, we might as well drop the requirements entirely, since we would have to give every applicant who does not meet one or more of the requirements a chance.
Support The Night Net Project on Patreon!

Become a Patron!

Supporting us on patreon helps to pay for the forum and events we may have in the future.

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