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World Lit, light novels, comics & whatever else you like to read!

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By SnivyCore
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Anything you wanna write for fun or for critique? Write it here! Just be sure that it's age appropriate and that your critique is ACTUAL critique, and not just random compliments or insults.

Just a little thing to get started:

Icarus of Knowledge

A young man with short, blond, hair, partially covering his left cyan eye, looking to be around in his early twenties, looked through a thick book, one final time, before jumping up, up to highest shelf, and placing in a large gap between other well-placed books. He sighed, acknowledging that that book was one of the few books keeping him away from his long awaited break. He patted himself on the back sheepishly.

Well, Linus, you've done a good job so far! The man grinned proudly, then looked towards his right, seemingly dreary. The east seminar's next... He sighed once more before marching into the eastern room with beaming optimism. He made his way to a cart full of thick and dusty books of all different sizes in the corner of the large room. The small, white feathered wings on his back fluttered with curiosity.

He then proceeded to sort the books according to authors' last names, as he's seen in human libraries before. His wings were still fluttering with joy. He seemed very joyous of his work, and even began to hum a few nursery rhymes.

After what seemed to be a few hours, he had finished sorting, leaving the last book in his hands to place back on a shelf. He began replacing empty and dark spaces with books of many categories. He then stopped to admire one book's cover. Wow...! I didn't know this was still in print! I'll have to read this later... He jumped up to one of the higher shelves and pushed the book into its designated spot on the spotless shelf. ...If I remember where it is afterwards... ha... He smiled to himself, trying to remain optimistic.

Another few hours later, the young winged man had finally finished. He took a few steps back towards the entrance of the seminar to admire his work. He stretched and yawned, realizing that the sun was finally coming up. Oh... I guess it's time for everything to open. As he made his way out of the room, he heard a sound of something opening.

He turned around, not surprised to find a dark, ominous portal behind him. He crossed his arms. "If you're trying to scare me, you're failing horribly, Fray." A tall figure, with long, dark red hair in a ponytail, emerged out of the portal. He seemed astonished. "Nah, I'm not tryin' to scare ya. Lighten up a bit."

Fray leaned against the librarian's desk. "Just here to check up on the old library." He reassured Linus. The blond man only sighed, exhaustively. "This is the library of the gods. I don't think demons like you are supposed to be here." He marched up to said demon, glaring at him menacingly. The demon laughed.

"You've gotta be kidding me... This is supposed to be some holy place right? I don't think discrimination is welcomed, my dear Icarus." Fray teased, only angering Linus even further. "Fray!" He yelled while all the demon could do was laugh out with joy. He crossed his arms and looked away. "You disgust me, Incubus."

"Well, as a demon, that's kinda my job. As an Incubus, not so much. But hey, it's a win-lose kinda thing." The Incubus shrugged nonchalantly, not seeming to care at all. He then looked around, shifty-eyed. "Say, Icarus..." The sudden whispering caught Linus off guard. "If you're not busy with the whole, sorting out god books, wanna come hang out some time? I promise ya, I'm not gonna doing anything that'll ruin your whole rep or anything. Just a suggestion, since you know..." He motioned the Icarus to lean in closer.

"...You seemed really lonely lately."

He immediately drew back, anger written all over his face. "I'm not lonely! I'm completely fine, Fray! Just leave already!" He pushed the demon towards the door. "Alright, alright, Icarus." He chuckled. "There's probably people outside, and there's no way in hell I'm lettin' them see me here." He then created a portal on the wall closest to him. Just as he was about to enter, he stopped suddenly. "Ya know..." Linus raised a brow at the suspicious behaviour.

"...You have strong legs; for an Icarus that is."

The Icarus could only stand in his place, stunned at the half compliment half insult the Incubus threw at him. He waved him goodbye nonchalantly, and left as if nothing happened. You have got to be kidding me... Linus, left alone, sighed as he took out his keys from one of his pockets. He opened the doors that lead outside, then locked them once more, leaving it for the librarian in an hour.

As he was walking home, he looked up to the sky, noticing angels up in the clouds, talking as if it was no problem. These wings... what good are they if they're flightless? He continued his way home, looking down at the marble road below him.

"...You seemed really lonely lately." The sudden thought popped into his mind, causing him to shake it out of his head. As he reached the door to his home, he placed a hand on his chin.

Perhaps... perhaps I'll take up his offer. I could use the company. He then smiled, knowing that he could, by chance, change his views on his life as just an Icarus of knowledge.
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