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By Sinab
The forest was quiet as she moved through it, only the soft song of the crickets and the hoots of owls to be heard. She moved with relative silence through the woods, footsteps falling softly against the branch and moss covered ground. Following an old deer path, she had a bow slung across her back in hopes of catching something this evening, though as to what was anyone's guess. Most nights she hunted out here, the forest wouldn't provide, keeping its bounty far from her reach. But there were rare occasions when beasts would show themselves to her, a rabbit, deer or turkey crossing her path.

Tonight however seemed to be one of those nights where nothing would show itself. She was just about to give up and turn back when the faint sound of music caught her attention. Curious as she was, she continued down the path, listening intently as it steadily grew louder. The notes were soft, sweet, and comforting, drawing her in like a moth to a flame. Her cat like nature ensured she would not turn away, too curious for her own good, she felt the desire to investigate. She had never heard music in this forest before and so it was a question to her of what this sound was and who was making it.

She was led to a large temple, the symbol of Hecate upon it. The Triple Goddess, a statue for all to see. The sudden appearance of the temple made her cautious, as she had been in these woods many a time and never saw such a thing before. Though her instincts told her not to enter, her lust for knowledge drove her forth to the steps where sat two young maidens, one playing a flute and the other a violin. They gave the sweetest of smiles, putting down their instruments and standing. When they spoke it was as though they were as one. Their voices mingling together.

“We’ve been expecting you for some time now. The answers you seek are within. Go forth and join the hunt.”

She rose a brow, merely nodding as they gestured her forth before picking up their instruments and following her into the temple. A large alter was set in the center, Hecate depicted at the cross roads, bearing two torches. Small statues of beasts she was known to be with decorated the room and yet again the symbols of the Mother, Maiden, and Crone could be seen dotting the decor throughout the room.

She paused at the alter, taking time to light a candle and saying a soft thanks of the Goddess of Witchcraft. She then followed the two past and into a large room. Without word they led her to a stone table and motioned that she kneel before it. Doing as bid, her curiosity only rose. Why was she expected to come here and what awaited her at the end of all this.

As those questions rang forth, she felt something be put over her eyes and tied behind her head. A moment of panic began to settle as her arms were grabbed and stretched before the table, secured by bindings. Her lips parted to speak yet a finger pressed against them. The soft sound of the girls shushing her was heard before the fingers pulled away. She could hear movement, the sound of a blade being drawn and the cutting of the tunic she wore being removed to show her back. Fingertips drifted over the flesh, causing a shiver before they pulled away.

It was then the music began again. The soft sweet tunes filling the air. The sound interrupted only by the faint sound of hoof beats and a growl. After a few moments she head the footsteps of another, a growl of approval and the gruff voice spoken in a guttural language. The girls responded in kind, though their voices were more comforting than that of the males. She heard his approaching steps and cringed as a hand touched her back. She heard the drawing of blade and the searing pain as she felt a hot blade cut into flesh. What was being carved she couldn’t guess, but it was then the blindfold was removed. Turning her head she faced a masked man covered in furs. He said something in the language she couldn’t understand once more before leaning down and kissing her forehead. As his lips touched, she was filled with an unknown energy. It was unlike anything she had ever tasted before and so succulent that she found herself indulging far more than she should.

Filled and inflamed, she found herself weak against his touch, her body a shivering mess by the time his lips brushed her own. He smirked and muttered something before pulling away. His blade once more touched flesh, and she couldn’t help but cry out as more carvings were made into her back, she could tell they were runes of some sort by the way the blade moved but she couldn’t tell which. His energy wrapped around her, engulfing her in a blanket. It ravaged her mind and body, overloading her sensations to the point she passed out.

When she awoke, she was unbound and dressed in garments of furs. The two girls sat nearby playing their music. As they realized she had come to, they smiled, sat their things aside, and pointed towards the door.


That singular word held so much more meaning now, and though she hungered for the energy of the male before, she also feared it. She stood, darting for the door and out into the woods. She could hear the sound of a hunting horn being blown, and hoof-beats echoing in the distance. She was primed for a hunt, and in this, she was the prey.
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